Classic Wedding Cakes [Round or Box in shape]

  • 3 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)30,000-35,000
  • 4 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)35,000-40,000
  • 5 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)40,000-45,000
  • 6 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)50,000-55,000
  • 7 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)60,000-65,000
  • 8 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)70,000

Special Themes Cakes

  • 60,000Depending on the theme of the cake and the number of tiers From Ksh

Traditional Themed Cakes

    [ Pots, Gourds, Baskest, Huts, Drums ]

  • 3tier to 4tier at Ksh 35,000-42,000
  • 5tier to 6tier at Ksh 45,000-50,000

Fresh Creamed Cakes (BlackForest)

    [ Whiteforest, Passion, Blueberry ]

  • 4tier to 5tier42,000-48,000 at Ksh
  • 6tier to 7tier48,000-53,000 at Ksh

Fresh creamed cakes served with bowls and forks. Maximum given 350 pieces. Any extra given will be charged at KES10 per piece

Standard Package Benefits
  •  Delivery within Nairobi is Free inclusive of set-up (Cake Stands and Nets)
  •  Extra delivery charges outside Nairobi depending on the distance but the client may also provide own transport
  •  Main cutlery i.e 4 Forks, 4 Plates 2 Knife (Extra Provided on request)
  •  Cake cutting assistance (if outside Nairobi client should be able to provide transport and accomodation)
    • either
    • 300 Pre-cuts/Pre-packs (Packed or unpacked) any aditional at Ksh 20 per piece
    • or,
    • 150 Cup-cakes any additional at Ksh 50 per piece
  •  Sparkling wine (Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic wine) with two wine glasses engraved with couples names and date of the wedding
  •  Anniversary cake on your (FIRST) aniversary. Flavour of your own choice
  • Incase of wedding Cancellation
  • One (1) Month before the wedding, the whole amount will be refunded
  • Two (2) weeks before the wedding, half of the amount will be refunded
  • Less than two weeks to the wedding, no refund at all

1. it is mandatory for the bride to view the cake before the wedding.
2. Commitment fee KSH 5,000 and Balance to be cleared Before the wedding

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