Amarula Black Forest

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Category: Forest Cakes

A decadent and indulgent twist on the classic Black Forest cake. This delicious dessert combines the rich flavors of chocolate, cherries, and Amarula cream liqueur for a truly unforgettable taste experience. Valentine Cake house Amarula Black Forest cake in Kenya is coated in a rich and creamy chocolate ganache and decorated with swirls of whipped cream and fresh cherries. To add a touch of Amarula flavor, the ganache is infused with a small amount of the delicious cream liqueur and garnished with shaved chocolate, chocolate curls, and a sprinkle of toasted almonds for added crunch and texture perfect for any occassion & for anyone who loves the rich and decadent flavors of Black Forest cake, but wants to add a touch of extra luxury and indulgence to the experience. Thin layers of chocolate spongecake soaked in Amarula. Birthday cakes in Kenya

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