Coconut Lemon

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Ksh 1,800.00

Category: Coconut Cakes

Coconut lemon cake is a delightful and refreshing dessert that combines the tropical flavor of coconut with the zesty brightness of fresh lemons. The cake itself is typically a tender and moist sponge cake, infused with the sweet and nutty taste of coconut and the tangy and citrusy flavor of fresh lemons. The frosting for Coconut lemon cake in Kenya is often a luscious and creamy coconut buttercream frosting, which provides a velvety and luxurious texture that complements the light and airy texture of the cake. The frosting is often flavored with freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest, which adds a tangy and refreshing contrast to the sweet and nutty flavor of the cake. Coconut lemon cake is perfect for any occassion.

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