Rolling Mint

Wait time: Instant if fresh cream frosting
Ksh 1,600.00

Category: Velvet Cakes

Rolling Mint cake is a cool and refreshing dessert that is perfect for those who love the crisp and refreshing taste of mint. The cake itself is typically a tender and moist sponge cake, infused with the invigorating flavor of peppermint. To make the cake, peppermint extract is often added to the batter, creating a refreshing and uplifting aroma that awakens the senses. The cake is often colored a pale green, to match the mint theme, and can be adorned with mint leaves or a sprinkling of powdered sugar for an extra touch of elegance. The frosting for Rolling Mint cake is often a rich and creamy buttercream frosting, which is flavored with peppermint extract and tinted a pale green. Rolling Mint cake is perfect for any occasion where you want to refresh and invigorate

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